About the Author

I trained as a model maker at art college then freelanced on films, adverts and stage shows where I learnt to take face and body casts in order to make costumes fit properly. This is how I got asked to cast Lionel Richie’s hands for The Hard Rock Cafe.

Lionel Ritchie’s Hand Casts

In 1998 I started Image Casting and continued to freelance on films and exhibitions.

Thanks to my friend Jane Wrigley who worked on Harry Potter, amongst many other fabulous projects, I helped to make the body of Mallory (pictured below) and to artwork the costume.

It wasn’t until I sold my company, Image Casting and moved to Botswana with my husband’s work in 2013 that I finally had the chance to finish a story that had been in my heart since I was fifteen –The Frog Theory

Set in Fulham, London, where I grew up, it is a slightly fantastical script-like tale loosely based on my life and local community at the time.

I would love to write another and I do have a story beginning to take shape, I will keep you posted.