Frog Tales

The list of bizarre things that has woken us up in the night grows ever longer….So much so that I thought it would make a great theme for you to read about.

Hear me Shrill  Friday 9th March 2018

A shrill alarm sounded around two in the morning ( here in Botswana) and I leapt out of bed thinking it was the house alarm but it seemed to be coming from our bathroom?

Half asleep, I ascertained the noise was loudest near one of the windows and I wondered whether it was the neighbour’s car alarm but as suddenly as it had started, it stopped and didn’t start up again so eventually I returned to bed and thought no more of it.

The following night, however, around two in the morning, the same thing happened. This time I shook my husband awake (he can sleep through anything) and said do you hear that? He said,

“OF COURSE I CAN BLOODY WELL HEAR IT!!” Ok, ok, just checking.

We ended up near the bathroom window, where I had been the night before and then….The noise stopped – just as before.

We went back to bed and in the morning I said what on earth do you think that alarm is all about? Is it the neighbour’s car alarm or f**cking WHAT?!

Jamie puzzled over it for a while and I was surprised when he finally said you don’t suppose it’s some sort of insect, do you? Well, now that he mentioned it I had seen a large cricket in there a couple of days before.

Curiously, we explored the bathroom around the suspect window and discovered a very large cricket sitting on his can of shaving foam.

Ever so gently we picked it up and transferred it to the garden and what do you know? No more 2am wake-up calls since.

Frog Tales