Frog Theory Re-Launch

Second Chances

Back in 2017 I was looking for professional feedback on my first attempt at writing a novel and decided to take the advise of a really fab guy called Gareth, who said his company could give me a package to self-publish, and all the reasons why that would be a good idea.

I learnt a lot from the experience but the essential and most important thing was that people enjoyed my work. Massive smile. Thank you.

I decided to move to my own publishing house, so that I could get a better quality of print for my readers, a better price, and freedom with PR.

I was never truly happy with the final edit, and this gave me a second chance to revise. I also felt that closure was lacking on a certain unpleasant character…

Anyone who bought the original version is entitled to the up-date for free, so get in touch at and we’ll work out how to get one to you : )

Frog Theory Re-Launch