Online Shopping Blunders

I attended a creative writing group this week at the Honeycomb Hub, new to Gaborone.

Blissfully informal, we did short writing exercises lasting just 3 minutes.

New friend Sam’s inventive, off-the-cuff idea for ‘your flat mate’s father turns up on your doorstep drunk trying to persuade you to do something without your flatmate knowing’ was my absolute favourite.

Her drunken father character had mistakenly ordered a live kitten online and needed help to cancel the order before it arrived.

Perhaps it’s because it was so lighthearted and perhaps it’s because I relate.

Many a time something unexpected has arrived at our home, the most sensational being five bunches of bananas rather than just – five bananas. One of my online supermarket blunders whilst living in London. Oops.

That’s a lot of bananas.

Anyway, at the end of the session we each promised to complete a task and mine was to work out how to post on my site. (Lost username and password issues.)

Big – fat – tick! ; )

Online Shopping Blunders