The Frog Theory

The Frog Theory by Fiona Mordaunt

Kim and Flow are the best of friends, living on a council estate, making money selling drugs.

Just around the corner in a smarter part of Fulham is Clea, a well-heeled young woman coping with a violent home life at the hands of her twisted step-father.

The Principal runs a famous college for problem teens. Fostering guilty secrets which distance her from her own children, she resists the advances of a man she sees on the train every day.

When Kim and Clea meet by chance, Kim is smitten but worried about her. Using the anecdote of the frog theory – that it will jump straight out of boiling water and live, but stay in and die if heated slowly from cold – he wakes her up to the dangerous situation she’s in at home.

Serendipity and a cake-fuelled food fight that goes viral will bring Kim, Clea, Flow and The Principal together in weird and wonderful ways in this frenetic, laugh-out-loud story about love, conscience and lion-hearted nerve.


“Tragedy and comedy in perfect proportion”
Lesley Jones

 The Frog Theory is a a little gem
I totally love the Frog Theory, it’s a funny, quirky story of teenage life, love and angst. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I felt I knew the characters and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. It’s a book written for young adults but equally suitable for adults.
Mrs M Newman